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Q: Is this a good time to buy/sell my home?
A: “Before we answer that, we need to conduct an in-person consultation to determine your short- and long-term goals. Our top priority is to help our clients make good long-term decisions, so once we know your specific goals, we can give you the best advice. ”

Q: How much is my home worth?
A: “When we do the initial consultation, we’ll give you an assessment of the market and offer an accurate picture of what’s happening in your area. We’ll also supply you with a lot of researched data and answer any specific questions you may have. ”

Q: I want to sell my home but I can’t afford to do a lot of repairs. Is that a problem?
A: “Almost any home will sell when it’s priced appropriately in regard to its condition and the current market. The first thing we need to determine is your budget. If you only have $2,000 to spend on repairs, for example, we can advise you on how that budget would be best utilized. Another option is to lower your asking price and emphasize your home’s value as a ‘fixer upper.’ ”

Q: What kinds of guarantees do you offer?
A: “We offer guarantees to buyers and sellers alike. For sellers, we offer a ‘28 days or free’ guarantee, which basically means if you do all the things we tell you to do, we promise to have your house under contract within 28 days or we’ll work the next six months for free. That’s how confident we are about the effectiveness of our program. For buyers, we offer a ‘365-day satisfaction guarantee,’ which means we’ll help you put your home back on the market if you decide you don’t like it up to a year after your purchase. ”

Q: Can you tell me about the crime rates in specific areas?
A: “Unfortunately we can’t legally disclose that information, just as we can’t legally advise you on tax or law matters. However, there are websites like where you can look up those figures. Even better, if you’re looking at a house in a particular neighborhood, knock on some of the neighbors’ doors and ask them how they like living there. ”

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